The Ultimate Pros and Cons of a homestay abroad

Feel like home when you are abroad – Is homestay the best accommodation option for you?

Whether you are a traveler or student traveling abroad, the first thing that comes to your mind is your accommodation. Do not step out of your home, without knowing where you’re going to stay. You would be in a new place surrounded by people who speak different language and follow different customs. Finding a place to stay after you reach your destination is not advisable all time.

Are you going to stay in Hotel rooms? Share a room with your bestie? Look for rentals?

Decide before you travel!

Is homestay suitable for the longer stay?

Tourism has developed in almost all countries around the world. If you are new to the country, you’d receive the warm welcome from hotels and rooms for accommodation. You must know the price of the hotel rooms before you book. If your vacation is too long and if you’d like to spend enough time in a new place, you could think of homestays which are reasonably priced and better than hotel rooms. Homestays can be comfortable if you want to feel at home while you are in a new country.

You’d love homestay because of its outstanding experience

The Ultimate Pros and Cons of a homestay abroad

Dear foodie, you can cook your own food or taste authentic food

You’ll not be able to explore your cooking skills if you stay in hotel rooms. Hotel rooms offered limited access to cooking utensils but if you are a foodie and love to prepare your own food, you can opt for homestay. You’ll be completely equipped with all the utensils and cooking gear that would help you prepare your favorite food. There are many homestays that arrange for cooks to prepare authentic food. You’d be lucky if you stay in a homestay that has an excellent cook who can make authentic dishes for you.

Follow your traditions and customs without any disturbances

You cannot forgo your habits and hobbies while you are in a new place. Homestays give you all the opportunity to pursue your hobby and continue your habits without any disturbances. If you want to grow a plant, perform yoga or dance in the midnight, you can enjoy your personal space without disturbing others and be glad that there will be no one to disturb you.

You’ll also learn the culture, custom, and architecture!

Speak to local and learn a new language

When you prefer homestays, you get an opportunity to talk to locals who take care of the home. Talking to the locals is the best way to learn a new language. You’d get a lot of time to interact with people around you and you can start understanding their language and lifestyle.

The support system in the unknown environment: When you are out of your own country for whatever may be the reason, you start feeling low in confidence since you reach a new and completely unknown environment. No doubt that loneliness is sure to engross you in every step as you would be missing your local environment and own people. A homestay acts as a home away from home in such cases and also the most active support at your bad times.

Finally, Money matters

Comfort, learning, and privacy are secondary when you consider the monetary benefits. Homestays are very cheap compared to other options. When you are abroad and have plans to stay for a longer duration, book a homestay.

Why are homestays not meant for you?

The Ultimate Pros and Cons of a homestay abroad

We’d like to mention about food here

As mentioned earlier, you’d love to cook food and enjoy different cuisines if you are a foodie. If you are allergic and do not love to experiment with food, you’ll not love homestay. If you are a bad cook, you must probably shift to a place where you get the food you like.

You’ll have strict rules to follow

Though you are given the freedom to enjoy your privacy, you have certain rules to follow. The rules might be anything relevant to clothing, eating, sleeping, watching TV or it could be anything as per the rules of the countries and the customs they follow. Some rules can be annoying and some rules can be new. What’s good in your country may be an offense in the other country so, you need to be very careful and listen to instructions.

As much as you love your independence

You’ll love homestay as long as you love your independence. You have to be on your own, do your laundry, keep the rooms tidy (if helpers are not around) and cook food. If you are depended, you will not love to be independent especially in a new place.

Homestays on sharing basis

Some homestays allow guests to share their space with another family. The rules for sharing can be annoying. You may have to share the house with strangers who have different customs and traditions. It can be difficult to adjust to unknown persons and sometime it might end up with conflicts.

Worst management can be a pain in your neck

Considering the cost, you cannot simply book any homestay. You need to consider the facilities offered by them and the services they provide. Most of the homeowners make quick money by renting their homes to tourists and travelers. They are least bothered about your comfort and do not provide any basic facilities. You need to read the review and verify the place before you book the homestay.

Staying alone cannot be all fun

If you are a loner, you’d love private homestays but if you want to mingle with your friends, it’s not possible. You cannot be on your own. You’d have to return to the same place at the end of the day which can be a bit annoying if you are a traveler. You are restricted to do’s and don’ts. You do not get certain permissions which can ruin your happiness.

Homestays are perfect for those who can manage things on their own and are brave to face the challenges in the new country. It’s not for those who are depended on others to do their routine. Choose the homestays based on your interest and what you’d like to do when you travel abroad.

Do you research before you book the best homestays in any place you travel! Do you prefer homestay? Share your stories and experience. We’d like to know.

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