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Triund, the heart of Dharamshala, is a lofty hill located in between the majestic Dhauladhar mountains and the Kangra Valley. This popular trekking hill is adventurous and throws a lot of challenges to the trekkers. Due to the thrilling experience, most of the trekkers prefer this spot.

Triund, one of the favorite trekking spots for newbies and experts

People of different age group and different levels of expertise visit this place for trekking. The panoramic views of the hills is loved by natural enthusiast and photographers. If you are here, you’d love the shades of sunrays during sunrise and sunset.

Interesting fact: Triund is a perfect spot for trekking as it’s the shortest trekking trail in India and it’s also one of the most cost-effective treks.

The absolute trekking experiences

The tranquil trek comes with an enchanting surrounding which includes evergreen forests lashed with oak trees and rhododendron trees that provide different shades of green. The trek consists of everything you are looking for to make your more memorable.

Interesting fact: It is believed that the route for Triund trekking is the oldest trek that was used for migrating by two shepherds from Kangra and Chamba.

The best time for trekking

The good news is that, Triund is open around the year for trekking. However, January and February the place receives heavy snowfall which blocks a good portion of the route. Considering the weather conditions, you may not be allowed to trek in the month of January and February based on the weather reports.

If you are planning your trip you can choose anytime between March to December. The place is crowded during March to June as the climate is pleasant during this period.

Important Note: Undoubtedly, the monsoon starts from June to July but it doesn’t stop you from trekking. Trekking through the dense green meadows is definitely a nice experience and more than 100 of trekkers are observed passing through this trek trail every day during this season.

Looking for a reason to be in Triund for trekking?

This moderate trekking comes with a unique charm that is adorned in the Dhauladhar Ranges. The highest point of the hill would take you to clouds with a spectacular view. Yet, here are some of the prime reasons that would compel you to visit the place at the earliest.

Mind-blowing views

Triund trekking route introduces to sights like Mcleodganj, Deodar forests, Rhododendron forests, Oak forests, Dhauladhar mountain, Kangra Valley, Laka Got Glacier, etc. that would provide you with panoramic views. The green meadows and forests with greyish pearl like rocks give you a picture-perfect spot, and hence, if you are without any camera, you are surely at a big loss.

Easy to moderate climbing

Whether you are a beginner or an expertise, Triund trekking can be completed in maximum 2 hours. The initial trek is quite easy to climb, and the trekkers need to assemble their energy for the final trek of Gallu Devi Temple, which is slightly moderate. The route also serves with stalls for refreshments, which allows you to take rest and enjoy the sights.

Triund trek is not the end

Surprised! Yes, it is true. The Triund trek is not the final destination to be in to complete your route. The trekking can be made more adventurous by moving forward to the Lake Kareri for which you would have to cut off a rough route through rocky caves. No doubt, the trek gets you totally in the jungle, it is still safe to go during the daytime as there are no wild animals seen till date. So, if you still have energy, move ahead to explore a new sight. However, as the place is merely 13kms away from Himalayan Range, you might have a sight of the snowbirds and the black bear and musk deer while moving on top of the trek.

Spend a night here and you would never regret

Yes, the mornings and evenings are for sure adorable here, but the night comes with a magical wisdom here. The valley provides you with tents to spend a night here at an affordable price. Camping here gives you a heavenly sight of the sunrise and sunset, while the night leaves you with an open and clear sky to gaze at the stars. Along with this the camps also provide you with a bonfire and musical nights to make your stay comfortable and noteworthy.

Don’t forget to visit the Bhagsu waterfall as you return back

The Triund trekking not only gives you wonders while you make your way up but also brings you to a refreshing opportunity as you move downside. The return trails pass through the famous Bhagsu Waterfalls where you would hike down along the flowing waters from the falls. People are also observed bathing in the falls, refreshing themselves.

Some important things you should know before starting with Triund trekking:

  • Make sure you hire a guide who would take you through the route
  • The Gallu Devi Temple also serves with some guesthouses which are helpful for those who are willing to set up a camp for a night or day
  • For those who don’t like camping, there are guesthouses in Triund that are available on booking
  • While heading towards Triund from Mcleodganj, one should not miss visiting the Dalai Lama Temple and the Tibetan Market

To do list at Triund Trek

Apart from trekking, Triund also comes with other interesting things to do while you pay a visit there. The place not only brings you closer to nature, but also gives you a chance to open up and enjoy other activities like music, spiritual visits, healthcare, museums, and much more. Some of the popularly visited places in Triund include:

  • Bhagsu Yoga Temple
  • Body Temple
  • Divine Indian Music Center
  • Tibetan Museum
  • Dalai Lama Temple
  • Tsechokling Gompa
  • Tushita Meditation Center
  • Kalachakra Temple
  • Holistic Massage Center
  • Bhagsunath Temple
  • Naddi View Point and many more

Visiting Triund for merely weekends would also provide you with a complete package that would rejuvenate you for your routine.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab the golden opportunity to be with nature with a pocket-friendly price.




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