Shikari Devi Temple

Himachal Pradesh, India

The famous and highest trek in Mandi, Shikari Devi Trek gets you through wide valleys, ampoule meadows, and mountains with snow as you climb to an altitude of around 3300m. The way to the trek initiates from three different places namely Jaach, Karsog, and Jhanjhehali. However, mostly the trekkers love to trek the Jhanjhehali route.

Trek to Shikari Devi Mandir, the hunter goddess in Mandi

If you have heard of the mystical beautiful place and want to witness it in real, you need to visit this amazing place in Himachal Pradesh. The shrine of Shikari Devi is 10,768 feet that add to your surprise. It is one of the most mysterious temples of India that’s known for its unique story and spiritual importance. Shikari Devi gives you a lot of reasons to admire as it is a historical place. If you are religious and spiritual, you must visit this place which is close to the town Mandi.

Mandi-Mandav Nagar – Sahor

The small municipal town of Himachal Pradesh has good connectivity through railways and roadways. The nearest airport is Bhuntar Airport. With more than 81 temples in Mandi, it is known as the Varanasi of the East. It is also the second populous town in Himachal Pradesh. Popular for its temple, snowcapped mountain ranges, people from all parts of the world visit this amazing place.

Know Janjehli Village

It is rightly known as the paradise for nature lovers, trekkers, and hikers. A small captivating village is just 80 from Mandi. You need to arrive at this village for a trek to Shikari Devi Temple which is 16 km from here. Trekking through Janjehli welcomes you with lush green meadow, apple orchards, oak trees, tall deodar trees, small streams, and ponds. The overall experience in this village is amazing and every view adds amazing beauty to this place.

Janjehli village becomes a popular trekking route

Since there is the huge number of trekkers and nature enthusiasts visiting this place, a number of lodges and homes stays are coming up in this region. On the way to Janjehli village, you can visit the massive rock in Pandav Shila. As the name goes, Pandav Shila is a massive rock that’s believed to be kept by Pandavas. People believe that the massive rock can be moved with one finger. People can try and move the massive rock with their finger and you’ll definitely be surprised.

Visit Shikari Devi Temple

Reaching Shikari Devi temple via Budha Kedar cave is the best option. You may not have to cross through dense jungles and you will find your way easily. If you don’t want to trek, you can find a way to the shire through the road which is 16 km from Janjehli. You can take a car, bike or a jeep but traveling the last few kilometers on road is difficult due to improper and rough roads. It’s not advisable during rains.

Note: There are hardly any shops on your way, so you need to carry enough water and food. However, you will find a couple of tea shops near Bhulah Nalah village.

The trek to Shikari Devi comes with various stops or say places to see in between. Some of the places one must not miss include Budha Kedar Cave, Karsog Valley, Raigarh, etc. After reaching the highest peak, people generally get a chance to relax with eternal peace as the surrounding is totally peaceful.

Another trek towards the highest peak is through the Shikari Devi Wildlife Sanctuary which is completely crowded during the summers with local people and other tourists. The trek also takes you through Raigarh as you reach the top.

Places to visit around Shikari Devi

As mentioned, whether you talk about Mandi or Shikari Devi trek, the place is a complete package which includes various destinations that includes Rewalsar Lake, Panchvaktra Temple, Sunken Garden, Tarna Temple, Triloknath Temple, Bhimakali Temple, Kamaksha Devi Temple, Pandoh Dam, Rohanda, Chindi, Chauntra Valley, and many more that comes with the capability to give you a busy day.

Best time to travel

The Shikari Devi Temple Trek is best to visit during summer months that includes months from March to September. As the place receives heavy rainfall, the trekkers are not advised to carry on with their passion during monsoons. Also, the place is a must to visit during the festival of Navratri when the locals arrange a fair to get various devotees from around the world.

Shikari Devi Temple and facts from epics

The mention of Mahabharat

The temple is believed to be built during the Mahabharat time. The reference to this temple is found in the epic book, Markandya Puran. It is also believed that Rishi Markand mediated in Mandi for a long period and he had a wish to see goddess Durga after which Shikari Devi temple was formed. He visualized the goddess Durga (Mahishasura Mardini) that killed demons like Rakta Bij, Madhu Catawb, and Mahishasur. Shikari Devi temple is where Goddess Durga (Kali) is said to reside in the form of sacred stones. There is no idol worship in the temple.

Pandavas and Shikari Devi Temple

The Pandavas also have a connection to this temple. It is believed that the five brothers mediated here during their exile and we blessed by Goddess Durga for their victory in Mahabharat battle.

Shikari Devi the hunter Goddess?

According to the priest of the temple, the Goddess Durga loves hunting and also asks for sacrifice, due to which the locals living there come with animals like sheep or goats as an offering to the Goddess. There is also a particular place outside the temple where the offering is carried out.

Some interesting facts about Shikari Devi Temple:

  • People who have a stay at Raigarh have experienced some paranormal activities, due to which, there are very few tourists who camp here
  • The Shikari Devi is said to be mainly worshipped by the hunters, who asked for success in hunting, and in return, they were blessed by Goddess Durga
  • During immense snowfall, when the mountains change their color to white, the roofless temple gathers zero amount of snow

The trek to Shikari Devi is an amazing one which has a lot of adventurous activities to offer you. You can enjoy your trip and experience the epical story it relates to.

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