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Popular as the heart of valleys, Rajgundha has been the favorite place for the trekkers. This place is located in the evergreen Himachal Pradesh. The place gives you an opportunity to travel 16kms as you cross nearly 2 road heads. The trekking takes a day or 2 as you pass through green valleys, velvety hills, snow-white mountains, and much more. The environment here completely fills you with positive energy as you enjoy the eternal beauty of the place. The trekking brings you close to the culture and the lifestyle of the villages there, along with wildlife sightseeing, angling, camping, etc. that makes the adventure more thrilling.

Rajgundha – A perfect destination for the trekkers

Is trekking your passion?

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Rajgundha village – The Twin Village

Yes, Rajgundha is also referred to be the twin village of Kukkar Gundha. The most surprising fact about the villages is that even in this modern time, the villages are still not connected by roads. By visiting the villages, you would enter the world of heavenly beauty surrounded by enchanting valleys and refreshing natural aroma. The valleys here are capable to surprise you with a variety of wild birds and animals that are connected with the famous Dhauladhar wildlife sanctuary.

The place also gives you an opportunity to visualize the ancient lifestyle as you would find houses made of mud and stones. Farming is the prime occupation of the people living here, and there is a vast production of pulses and vegetables observed here during summers in an organic manner. For earning a living, the vegetables and pulses are later sold to various places of Himachal Pradesh and Punjab.

Interesting Fact: The people here live a Semi-Nomadic life as they move during heavy snowfalls to lower areas. Hence, Rajgundha remains crowded for only 8 months in a year.

Trekking at Rajgundha

Trekking in Rajgundha comes with a number of routes, however, the widely opted route is from Bir Billing. The best time to visit Rajgundha for trekking is considered to be from April to the mid of December, and the number of days varies according to the packages you select which can be from 2 days to 6 days. The trekking begins from Billing that passes through green forests that are decorated with Deodar trees, Rhododendron trees, and dense Oak forests. The trekking route also helps you with spiritual experience as you visit the famous Saptvadini Temple, located in the Rajgundha village.

A destination not to miss – Don’t forget to visit the Deodara Forests that is popular for rejuvenating aroma that helps the body cells in reinvigorating.

Along with the lovely scenarios, the trekking route includes some must visit places like Dhauladhar mountains, Dhauladhar forests, Sherabling Monasteries, Tea gardens, high waterfalls, velvety meadows, local markets, Barot valley, crossing rivers, Kukar Gundha, and much more, that would fill your trekking with more excitement.

The snow valley – Heaven on earth

The snow valley would surely bring you to the paradise on the earth. The valley comes in the mid-way as you follow your path on Rajgundha. Located on the mountain ranges of the Dhauladhar, the valley comes with a number of high mountains covered with snow. The hilltop comes with a height of around 2400 meters from the sea level, which is capable to give you the best view for the surroundings. Along with trekking, you can also enjoy other activities like angling, camping, etc. that would give you an unforgettable experience of both wildlife and nature.

Complete your trekking expedition at The Tibetian Colony

No matter whatever route you go with, the landing site is generally the Tibetian Colony. Located on the outskirts of Bir, this is a colony where the Tibetan refugees settled at the beginning of 1960. The place brings you to a peaceful and spiritual surrounding due to which, around the year, it is crowded with tourists, volunteers, students, etc.

Some other places to visit here include The Deer Park Institute, Chokling Gompa Monastery, temples, Sherab Ling Monastery, Katoch Homestay Monastery, Dzongsar Institute, Dharmalaya, Tibetian Herbal Clinic, etc.

Thamsar Pass Trek – A visit to the blissful valley

The trekking route of Rajgundha also allows you to enter the captivating ranges located in the valleys of Dhauladhar to Pir-Pinjal on the Western hills of Himalayas. The Thamsar Pass is a passage to the Bara Bhangal village that is blissfully cuddled in the Kangra Valley. The trek not only allows you to enjoy the white beauty of nature, but also brings you close to other sights of narrow trails, ever flowing rivers, glaciers, moraines, and much more. No matter the Thamsar Pass Trek comes in the mid of Rajgundha trekking, the best time to visit here is from the mid of June to the mid of October. There is also a separate package available for the same, which can take approximately 14 days.

Dharamshala is the ultimate place to visit here, that helps you to explore yourself to the Buddhism and the residential place of Dalai Lama.

Cost of packages

The Rajgundha trekking package cost depends on the number of days you want to spend there. However, the minimum cost of the trekking package is around Rs. 4000 which can extend to Rs. 14500 or more.

Some interesting facts about Rajgundha Trekking

  • The Rajgundha trekking also allows you to enjoy other activities like camping and bonfire, that brings to you a different experience
  • Exploring the food, culture and local markets of the place would bring to you a combination of Tibetian and Himalayan culture
  • The Rajgundha Trekking brings to you a total number of 3 valleys to trek in
  • Barot is the massive and highest waterfall in Himachal Pradesh to visit while trekking in Rajgundha
  • Bada Bhangal is another trek that can be included in the Rajgundha trekking package to extend your memorable days
  • Cyclists from Ludhiana are widely observed enjoying the bonfire in the Rajgundha Trekking hills and valleys

So, do you also love trekking? Visit Rajgundha for a new experience.




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