Prashar Lake

Himachal Pradesh, India

If you are looking to involve in a green space and blue space, you can head to the most amazing destination up in the northern India, Prashar Lake. Pack your bags and reach this lovely tourist destination that will stun you with amazing atmosphere and peaceful surrounding.

Prashar Lake – A blue space in Himachal Pradesh that can give you a positive impact

Do you realize a calming and soothing effect when you walk along a river or beach?  Green space and blue space are good ailments for your wellbeing. Nature has generously awarded Himachal Pradesh with a wide range of trees, lakes and green environment giving a wonderful experience for the tourists.

Know more about Prashar Lake

Prashar Lake is one among the various attractions of Himachal. Located on the Dhauladhar ranges in Kullu, Prashar Lake is a clean water lake that is 50km from Mandi in the northern direction. On the lakeside a pagoda is built up in the memory of sage Prashar which comes up as a three-storied monument. People often visit this place during their trekking. The trekking trail brings to you evergreen forests and valleys with lovely captures, while you can also have the pleasure of enjoying the culture of the villages that come in the way. The trekking route also connects you to ranges like Dhauladhar, Kinnaur, and Pir Panjal that give you a panoramic sight of 180 degrees for a heart throbbing view.

Prashar Lake and it’s impressive history

Each lake in Himachal comes with a unique mythological importance. Similarly, the Prashar Lake has a beautiful story. According to the mythology, the Prashar Lake was brought into existence by the Pandavas, while they were on their way to the Deity Kamrunag after the battle of Mahabharat. They were in search of a favorable place for their teacher Dev Kamrunag.

The Kamru Valley is named after the Deity Kamrunag who was the guru of the Pandavas.

Deity Kamrunag loved the place and revealed his wish to stay at the place until the end of his life. On hearing this, Bheema formed the Prashar Lake with his elbows by pushing the mountains. It is believed that as the mountains were pushed by the elbows of Bheema, the lake comes in an oval shape and the depth of this lake is still unknown.

Many times, people have visualized cedar tree falling into the lake during storms, after which they disappear. Hence, the depth of the lake is still not discovered.

People from around the world visit this lake to accomplish their wishes by offering money, or coins in silver or gold in the lake. With utmost silence, the place is further decorated with ancient images of Saint Prashar and other Gods. The lake remains closed for the tourists during winters which fall from December to March as the lake is frozen during this period.

The Prashar Lake is also known as the Miracle Lake by the locals, as the lake contains a green patch of grass which visualized on one end of the lake during summers, while it is on the other end during winters.

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Popular by the name the land of seven lakes, Himachal keeps flowing with various clear water lakes. While you trek to the trail of reaching Prashar Lake, you would also come across other lakes that come with their own mesmerizing beauty namely, Chandertal Lake, Gobind Sagar, Dal Lake, Khajjlar Lake, Renuka Lake, Manimahesh Lake, Nako Lake, Maharana Pratap Sagar Lake, Suraj Tal, Rewalsar Lake, Kareri Lake, Pandoh Lake, Bhrigu Lake, Dashair and Dhankar Lake, and many more. Each lake here flows with some mythological story and hence, it is also considered to be pious.

Trekking trail to Prashar Lake

Prashar Lake is located at an altitude of 6050ft from the sea level, which at times also reaches to 8900ft. The trekking trail is quite moderate, yet sloppy due to which, the trekkers need to look after while going through the trail. The trekking trail to Prashar Lake begins from Kantlu, which is located at a 2hours distance from Mandi.

On beginning with the trail, you would first enter the evergreen forests, that are fully covered with the rhododendron trees. At this place, the trail is quite eased to walk through. As you reach the height of 400 meters, you would be able to have a glance at the Dhauadhar range, which would give you a chance to build memories by clicking pictures.

After completing the rhododendron forest, it is now time to enter the oak tree forest, which is spread for around 1km giving you another lovely view to enjoy the natural place. From the oak tree jungle, the next route you will head towards is the motorable trail which would get you to a small meadow for taking a small lunch break.

The meadows further take you to the orchards of apples, after which your trail would enter the moderate phase. After you cross the orchards, the trekking trail is now steeply that would require proper focus. The outstanding views obtained from this point is the Triund, Kap Chuli, Dhauladhar Matterhorn, Hanuman Tibba, Man Hill, Manali Peak, Mukar Beh, and the famous friendship Peak.

Just as you walk around 300meters from there, you would reach the lake. You need to cross this small lake to reach Prashar Lake. Traveling 1.7 km from the lake will help you reach the famous Prashar Lake. The Lake is protected with fences and your entry into the lake is denied.

The Prashar Lake also consists of a floating island within itself which is found to be moving. It is visible if you watch the lake closely.

Along with the water body, the Prashar Lake also contains two temples on its banks. The architecture of the temples gives out a unique attraction giving you the view of ancient architecture skills. And of course, don’t forget to watch the popular sunset and sunrise view at the lake as you reach to the topmost peak for while you gaze the stars in the mid of the evening and early morning.




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