Lam Dal & Kareri Lake

Himachal Pradesh, India

Dharamshala in Himachal Pradesh has remained quite famous as the longest lake, Lam Dal, flows there among the Dhauladhar mountains. The lake comes along with a trekking trail that begins from Dharamshala and passes through the Ghera and Gaj Pass in the Kareri village. The other one is the Kareri Lake which consists of the Minkiani Pass and the Lam Dal.

Lam Dal and Kareri Lake! Enjoy your trip to the Seven Lakes in Himachal

Himachal Pradesh has been the dearest destination for the tourists from around the world. With heart throbbing mountain peaks, deep green valleys, and attractive passes, the place also brings to you several lakes that add to the natural beauty of the place.

Lam Dal Lake – The longest trekking trail

Lam Dal is not only famous as the longest lake but also for the longest trekking trail, it comes up with. The place comes with a number of heightened altitude glaciers that have a particular place in the mythology. The local people during monsoon pay a visit to the lake considering it a pilgrimage. It is also believed to be the home of Lord Shiva. Elevated at the height of 3900 meters, Lam Dal is possible to approach by the Minkiani Pass, Gaj Pass, and the Inderhar Pass. The range comes up with a total number of 22 lakes, among which, seven popular ones are Lam Dal, Kali Kund Dal, Naag Dal, Dham Ghodi Dal, Chander Koop Dal, Naag Chatri Dal, and Sukh Dal, due to which, the place is given the name, land of seven lakes. With different shapes and water levels, the lakes have their own unique attraction and importance.

The devotees visiting for the Manimahesh Yatra first have a bath in the Lam Dal Lake and then begin their Yatra in the months of August and September.

Lam Dal Lake comes with a trekking trail beside which is much enjoyed by the adventurous people. Combining the various levels of the seven lakes, the trekking gives medium toughness to the trekkers with a number of ups and downs and water passes to go through.

Kareri Lake – A freshwater lake in Dhauladhar

Located in Dhauladhar, Kareri Lake is a lake with fresh water that is heightened at 2934 meters from the sea level. The water of the lake originates from the snow on the Dhauladhar ranges, which melt to form the lake waters. The lake water comes with amazing visibility and shallowness, that welcomes various visitors to have a bath in it.

The Kareri Lake gets frozen from December to March or April due to the heavy snowfall.

Kareri Lake is also popular as a trekking trail that routes among the ranges of Dhauladhar. The hilltop of Dhauladhar is dedicated to a temple of Lord Shiva and Shakti which gives the best view of the lake. Kareri is said to be the base camp from where the trekkers begin with their trekking to Dhauladhar and from there to Chamba through the Minkiani Pass, and Bharmour through the Baleni Pass.

Other places near Kareri and Lam Dal

Ghera Village

Ghera is one of the unsighted destinations by various visitors here. With exotic landscapes, the place provides you with a peaceful surrounding that makes the whistling winds and burbling water audible. Kareri Lake, Triund, and Bhaksunath are the nearby places from Ghera village. Every transport to Kareri Village goes from Ghera, so if you are looking to reach Kareri, you have to reach Ghera first.

Minkiani Pass

Minkiani Pass is a must to visit place while going for Kareri lake trekking. With a number of up and down slopes, the pass gets you to the highest peak which ranges to around 14000ft. The place not only gives you lovely scenarios of the mountains standing firmly but also provides with camping and stargazing opportunities for a memorable night. The route to this pass gets you through a number of villages which helps you in getting aware of the local life and culture.

Guna Devi Temple

Let’s give your trekking a spiritual touch by moving towards Guna Devi Temple. The temple is located at a distance of 8km from Mcleodganj in the Kangra Valley. The temple is the abode of Goddess Kali, due to which it is also known as Shakti Temple by the locals. Situated at an elevation of 2310meters, the temple is built beside the Kareri lake, while it is surrounded by forests of Deodar trees and oak trees, namely the Sylvan Virgin Forest.

Chanderkup Dal

Chanderkup Dal along with other two trails Nag Dal and Dham Godi Dal are popular for the sunrise shades it brings with for the best view. Also known as the Moon Lake, the lake mostly remains frozen around the year except during early summers. Located on the height of 12000ft, the lake is linked with the Beas river. The lake is located beside green hills where people are also found carrying camping activities.

Along with all these, other attractions besides Lam Dal and Kareri Lake include Himachal, Billing, Naddi View Point, Body Temple, Kangra Valley, and many more, giving you unforgettable memories. The place is reachable to three different passes namely Indrahar Pass, Minkiani Pass, and the Gaj Pass, that are cuddled in the beauty of nature with captivating regions.

How can you reach Kareri lake trail?

Yes, if you are willing to visit Lam Dal, you first need to be at Kareri lake trail, and for reaching there, you can select from two different routes, that is from Dharamshala and Pathankot.

  • If you are traveling by the Dharamshala route, you would visit Ghera and Kareri road in the way. The route is quite dusty, steep and unpaved, which increases the risk of traveling through cars.
  • On the other hand, if you select Pathankot, you would pass through Salli before reaching the Kareri road. Salli is mostly visited for the hydel power plant that is set up for connecting the Kareri village.
  • The trekkers also seek the adventure of riding motorcycles as the route would be difficult for the four-wheel drivers.



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