Dehnasar Lake

Himachal Pradesh, India

Himachal Pradesh is not just for snow-capped mountains and trekking trails but you have a lot of amazing places that amuses the visitors across the world. The Dehnasar lake is located amidst the rocky cliffs on top of the mountains. The Lake gets its water from the melted snow. The lake is completely frozen during winters.

Dehnasar Lake trek – One of the highest lakes in the foothill of Ghora Lotnu peak, Himachal Pradesh

If you want to witness the beauty of the high-altitude freshwater lake, you must visit the Dehnasar lake in Himachal Pradesh which is a perfect spot for trekking and other adventurous activities. The lake Popular with nicknames like Danasur Lake, Dehnasar Lake, Dan Sar, Daina Sar Lake, etc., Dehnasar Lake is 14,040 feet above the sea level and covers an area of 800 meters. Barot valley and Joginder Nagar in the Mandi town is the nearest location to trek to the lake.

The beauty of the Lake

It is one of the top trekking destinations in Himachal Pradesh which is also common for Hailstroms and Blizzards. The adventure tourists and pilgrims are given proper instruction before they start their trip. This lake also serves to be the perfect picnic spot and you can see a lot of tourists setting up a temporary tent along the sides of the lake. July to September are considered as the peak period when a lot of travelers and pilgrims visit this place.  If you are interested to trek in an amazing location, Dehnasar Lake would give you all the thrill you are longing for.

Note: The lake is frozen for almost nine months and the best time to visit is from July to September.

The history of Dehnasar Lake

The lakes, mountains, and valleys of Himachal come with some of the other mythological grounds. Dehnasar Lake too is connected with the mythological stories, it is considered to be the abode to Goddess Parvati. It is believed that she visited the lake during the Bhadrapada month which generally falls either in August or in September. Another belief related to the Lake is that if you stand in the lake and worship God Sun, your wishes would truly get fulfilled.

Most of the pilgrims visit this Lake and take a dip in the water to get rid of their sins. They also believe that Lord Shiva will grant them their wishes if they visit this Lake.

How to reach Dehnasar Lake?

Dehnasar Lake is a small and natural spot that is around 12kms from Barot, while it is at a distance of 20kms from Joginder Nagar, the nearest city to start the trek from. However, there is transportation available from Joginder Nagar to Polling, after which the actual trekking begins to Dehnasar Lake. As the trekking is quite moderate to climb, there are tourists who begin from Joginder Nagar itself.

Trekkers can choose the best route to trek as there are two trekking trails to reach the lake. You can choose the best one based on the level of difficulty. The first route begins from Joginder Nagar which passes through places like Barot, Lohardi, and Polling before reaching Dehnasar Lake. While the second trek begins from Joginder Nagar only but has only one stop in the mid that is Thaltukhod before you reach Dehnasar Lake.

People generally select the route from Lohardi, as it is the shortest route with the steep trek. The other route that passes through Thaltukhod is time-consuming as it is too lengthy with challenging upward slopes to tired you. The route takes a minimum of 3 days as you would have to cross valleys and passes like Kullu, Lag Valley, Sari Pass, etc. before you are at your desired place.

Activities to enjoy at Dehnasar Lake

Want to add some more adventure to your trip to Dehnasar Lake? Dehnasar Lake comes with various other places to be in along with other activities too.

For the trekking lovers, the place also serves with other trekking destinations like trekking to Rajgundha, Bada Bhangal village, Bir Billing, etc. that come with unique excitements. Some other places one must not miss while visiting Dehnasar Lake includes Shiv Temple Baijnath, Palpung Sherabling Monastery, Khir Ganga Ghat, Tashi Jong Khampar Monastery, Deer Park Institute, Chamunda Temple, and many more.

Thinking which activities, you would be able to enjoy here apart from trekking? Here you go to make a selection from the list.


Be with the clean water and enjoy fishing on the river Uhl. It’s located beside Barot Valley, the tourists can enjoy fishing, specifically for the trout fishery, which is mostly available in the Uhl River. The river also serves to be the best place for angling too as there is a trout breeding center located there.

Nargu Wildlife Sanctuary

On the other side of the River Uhl, there is a lovely picnic spot on the green meadows namely the Nargu Wildlife Sanctuary. The people visiting here for picnics generally are found searching the solace. With never seen fauna and flora, there is a wildlife sanctuary too, and hence, the meadows are at a safe distance from the Sanctuary. The visitors enjoy the sight of the wild animals roaming freely in the sanctuary region.

Recreational trekking

When it comes to Himachal Pradesh, there are various trails found that provide with trekking facilities. The popular Barot valley also provides trekking trails similar to that of a roller coaster ride, namely the Barot Himri Trek, the Mule Trail, etc. The famous treks are much popular among the passionate young trekkers who visit the place during winters for enjoying snow trekking.


Whether you are with your family, friends, or a team of corporate workers, the route from Barot to Dehnasar Lake bring you to various places where camping activities are carried out. The Barot Valley is much famous for camping that is located beside the River Uhl. There are families who visit the Valley for camping on weekends to get rid of the hustle of the routine life.

Star Gazing

Fond of the stars twinkling in the sky? Stargazing is another pleasure you can enjoy while camping at various places of Himachal. Both Barot Valley and Dehnasar Lake provide you with stunning experience with the stars. As both, the places are located far away from the villages and in the open valleys, the sky gives a clear vision, which has attracted not only the tourists but also some stargazers and astronomers too.

It is one of the best trekking spots in India, and if you are yet to explore the amazing place, you can book your trip now.




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