Barot Valley

Himachal Pradesh, India

If nature travel is your passion, Barot Valley is the righteous choice that you can never miss. Barot Valley is one of the least explored places in India and its newly emerging tourist spot that has captured the hearts of millions of visitors.

Barot Valley is right called Paradise on the Earth – Let’s travel to one of the most amazing spot in India.

Cuddled in the beautiful valleys, Barot is located in the Mandi District of Himachal Pradesh. The destination comes with wonderful landscapes, fresh air, mesmerizing valleys and much more that has attracted the sight of various tourists from around the world. Along with its natural beauty, the destination is also well-known for the trekking trails.

Know the history of Barot Valley

Barot Valley, is a village that came into existence in the year 1920 during the Shanan Hydel Project that took place in the Mandi district. However, till 1975 it was nearly impossible to access the village. Thanks to the roadways that were developed which also gave way to the most amazing place. The valley is also considered to be an important portion of the Uhl River Valley, that priory developed as a hydel project over the Uhl River. The valley later emerged to be an appealing tourist spot, especially for the travelers passionate about mountains and adventures.

Interesting Fact: Uhl River is the first river that generates hydroelectricity in India.

Along with its natural beauty, Barot Valley is also famous for the Trout fish, man-made projects, Trout breeding, etc. Hence, Barot Valley is giving various activities that have rapidly encouraged tourism in the area surrounded by a healthy environment. This rarely known destination is visited by very few visitors as the landscapes are yet unexplored, but anyone visiting it for the first time would surely remain surprised with the awesome scenery. The small village is surrounded by forests that are dense with Oak trees and Deodar trees along with a wealth of different flora and fauna. Merely having a walk to the surroundings through the woods would leave your mind with a unique charm the village carries.

Adventures you’ll love in Barot Valley

Barot Valley is an emerging place for a number of adventurous activities. Tourists visiting here get a number of options for fulfilling their adventurous demands. Natural rock climbing, trekking, swimming, paragliding, are the most sought-after adventures here.

Climbing the highest hill peak will help you witness the most amazing views. The enchanting mountain and greenery around will help you rejoice in the beauty of nature. The landscape on the hilltops have become a hot favorite spot for photographers.

Barot Valley comes with various medium and high-level trekking trails that cross the forests with uncountable Oak and Deodar trees, and various banks of the River Uhl at different heights. Again, river crossing is another attraction of the adventure lovers, where a single rope challenges your focus, courage, and strength levels. The place is perfect for the teens who love to travel experiencing different adventures.

Again, the River Uhl with its immaculate water serves to be the best swimming spot for the water lovers or swimmers. With crystal clear water, the river gives a number of deep and shallow ends and waterfalls that have been picked by the swimmers for diving and swimming recollecting their childhood.

Best time to be in Barot Valley – The weather of Barot Valley is quite moderate, and hence, it is not too hot or too cold during summers or winters respectively. Thus, you can explore the place any time except during Monsoon as there is heavy rainfall due to dense forests.

Other activities in Barot Valley

Fishing in the waters of Uhl River

Barot Valley has established its name among the fish breeding centers in India. Popular for trout breeding, the place serves to be one of the best fishing points on the River Uhl. Along with fishing, it is a perfect place for the angling lovers that comes with a height of around 30kms over the river.

One Day picnic at Nargu Wildlife Sanctuary

As you cross the River Uhl, you come to an amazing picnic spot, that is covered with velvety greenery everywhere. The Nargu Wildlife Sanctuary serves a number of wildlife species and different kind of flowers and trees. Visiting the dense areas of the sanctuary would surely give you a proper view of wild animals roaming in the forest areas.

Competitive trekking

The Barot Valley comes with several sliding trails that would be wildly preferred by the people passionate about trekking. Popular among all is the Barot Himri Trek that is situated along with the Mule Trail. The Barot Himri Trek is mostly visited during the winters when the hills and valleys are covered with snow so that they can enjoy snow trekking with a different thrill and experience.

Camping – Both Family and corporate

Love camping by the riverside? Barot Valley would fulfill your desire for sure. During the year, there are a number of visitors that come here for camping on the banks of the river Uhl. The place provides with a peaceful surrounding, which is widely enjoyed along with walks on the Riverbank. The place is a perfect match for Corporate Camping and Family Camping as well, for getting a relief on the weekends.

Star Gazing – connect with the eternal world

Barot Valley is a small village that is located quite far away from the electronic lights of the city. This makes it the best place to be in for star gazing. As the sky remains clean most of the time, the place welcomes many stargazers and astronomers around the year. The activity can also be enjoyed by the tourists who have joined camping in the same area.

Packages – undoubtedly, Barot Valley comes with numerous activities to enjoy, the packages are still cost-effective, as the minimum cost for exploring the place is around Rs. 2200, which increases as per your stay.

Hence, Barot Valley serves as a complete package that comes with new surprises and excitements with every step you move forward.




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