Bara Bhangal

Himachal Pradesh, India

Bara Bhangal trekking serves you with a number of hot water springs that are helpful medically along with alpine beds that comes with a number of medicinal plants.

Bara Bhangal in Himachal Pradesh is for trekkers with the good know-how of hiking and camping

Bara Bahangal is a trekking trail that’s known as the Shepherds trail. It has a challenging route which can be explored only by experienced trekkers. India has many trekking trails and every trail has their own level of attraction and difficulty. Himachal Pradesh offers wide range of trekking trails that attract adventure travelers across the world. The high mountain ranges, beautiful valley and green scenery surely wins the heart of many visitors across the world.

Interesting things about the Bara Bhangal village

Bara Bhangal is a small village that is located in the Kangra district among the green meadows of Himalayas. The village is situated at a height of around 7700ft, which can be reached from places like Bir Billing, Chamba, or Baijnath. With an elevation of around 2050 meters, the trekking trail is stuffed with paths that are rocky, tricky, and narrow to cross. It comes with surprising sights that you might not want to miss. Just one hour of trekking would provide you with different trekking altitudes that may vary from steep to laborious climbing. The path provides you with lavishing scenarios of peaks like Deo Tibba, Hanuman Tibba, Indrasen, and many more.

In this modern time, Bara Bhangal is still a tribal village that is unconnected to the nearby areas with roads. The village is yet untouched with the basic requirements for living and has to remain dependent on the NGO for water, electricity, education, medical facilities, etc. The only means of transportation to reach Bara Bhangal is by walking or on ponies through the Thamasar Pass.

The natural beauty of the village is the prime attraction that drags a number of tourists to the place. Situated on the banks of River Ravi, Bara Bhangal is the place where the waters of River Kali Hani get assimilated with Ravi. The trekkers are provided with an opportunity to live here overnight and experience the living, culture, art, lifestyle, houses, etc. of the people living here. The only support for the villagers living here is the NGO, as they are still untouched by the basic facilities provided by the Government.

Bara Bhangal – The Trekking Route

This tough trek of Himachal Pradesh begins from Lama Dugh that is located at a height of around 3380 meters. The place is at a distance of about 4-5 hours from Manali. The first phase of the trekking begins from Lama Dugh, which comes with a steep climbing to Rani Sui that is located at around 4268 meters high. This is believed to be the most difficult portion of trekking among other phases.

As the Bara Bhangal Trek is one of the toughest and challenging treks in India, it is also popular by the name Shepherd Trek.

From Rani Sui, the journey heads towards Taintagiri Glacier which is around 4917 meters. The trek this time is quite difficult as is comes with tricky glaciers which are slippery due to which it is dangerous too. The trek continues until you cross the Manali Pass and finally reach the glacier at a height of around 5070 meters, known as Taintagiri trail.

The journey from Taintagiri trail is downwards. Surprised! But it is true. From Taintagiri, the trekkers need to move down to reach Phulan Got that is located at 4064 meters and from there to Koari. As you move down with the narrow and slippery ridges you are finally at the Bara Bhangal village as you reach 2582 meters height. From Bara Bhangal, there is a steep hill that needs to be climbed to reach at 3917 meters height as you cross the Taintu Pass. On the way, you can visualize local people from Gaddi residing in small shelters.

The trek finally heads towards Beas Kund that lies at 4207 meters from which again you have to descent to Solang. The trekking of Bara Bhangal comes to an end as you reach the Solang and finally from there to Manali. On the way, the trekking can also have a fine view of the Chanderkhani Pass along with the peaks of the Himalayas.

As the trekking ranks among the longest trekking trails in India, it takes around 17 days. The trekking route is filled with bewilderment and danger, and hence, it is important for the trekkers to get accompanied by an experienced guide or trekker that would help through the different altitudes of trekking. The trekking is open for the tourists for only five months that is from May to end of September as in the remaining months, the land experiences heavy rainfall and snowfall that makes trekking impossible.

The trekkers while chasing their passion en-route places like Riyali Thach, Lama Dugh, Dal Marhi, Devi ki Marhi, Rajgundha, Plachak, and many more, that come with different shades of pleasant beauty capable to bewitch you on the very first sight.

Ways to reach Bara Bhangal Trek

Thinking which would be the convenient way to reach Bara Bhangal Trek? Well, there is no direct way to reach the place except trekking. However, you can reach the nearby destination through different transportation means.

Airways transport


The Gaggal Airport is the nearest airport in Kangra, while the second airport that would bring you near to the trek is Chandigarh International Airport.

Roadways transport


Again, if you are looking to travel through any taxi, bus, car, etc., you can reach to some nearby towns like Ambala, Dehradun, Chandigarh, Shimla, Haridwar, Chamba, and Dharamshala, that are distant at around 234kms to 495kms from Bara Bhangal.

Railways transport


If traveling by train, the nearest Railway Station is the Joginder Nagar Railway Station that is located at a distance of 166kms from Manali.

Undoubtedly, Bara Bhangal receives good snowfall during winter. It is the most sought after trekking trails by experienced trekkers. If you are willing to explore nature, you can pack your bags now!




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