How to select a perfect mountain hiking destination

Mountain Hiking

Hiking is the best way to explore the surroundings and build the strength. It’s a great exercise for your lungs and legs! If you are overweight and worried about tiredness, don’t worry, mountain hiking is the best exercise for your legs, feet and body because you can choose the speed and the level of difficulty. Always find the best way to challenge you while choosing the hiking spot.

Here’s what you need to know

How long do you want to hike?

You don’t have to be an expert to start hiking. If you are a beginner, you don’t have to pack a tent or bring extra clothes. You can look for a short trail that would complete within few hours. Hiking is a fun way to explore nature. It really doesn’t matter if you have the entire Sunday to sped or just have a few hours on a Wednesday afternoon. Hiking has been a trendy activity and it is important to complete the attempt successfully. So, know your strengths and decide how long you want to spend outdoors.

Know your fitness levels

Once you know the number of hours you can stay outdoors, you need to keep a track of your fitness level. You need to be really fit to go on a mountain trekking.

Have you been exercising quite often?

Or did you discontinue your gym and exercises?

How long do you run every day? If you can hardly run for 3 miles, how will you manage the mountain trail where you’ll have to walk 10 miles? If you are not a fitness freak and want to try hiking for the first time without any experience or exercises, you must reconsider your idea.

While you are on a mountain hiking, you need to jump, swim across rivers, roll on the ground, crawl between the rocks and sometimes you may have to run and walk long miles. If you are not fit and if you haven’t exercised, you will not be able to involve in this activity.

If you are still eager to go for mountain hiking, choose an easy trail. Prepare yourself by involving in outdoor activities, running and jogging.

Also, if you are passionate about mountain hiking, start with a routine that includes running, long walks, weight lifting, strength training, etc. that would help you with a building required stamina for accomplishing your dreams. There are also aerobic exercises that help in maintaining and increasing fitness that is beneficial for hiking. So, work on your fitness levels and stamina while you are looking for the best mountain trail.

Selection of location

While selecting the location, you need to work on the climate, wildlife, temperatures, etc. of the place you are thinking to visit. Hence, if you are a beginner and are planning to go for mountain hiking, it is better to select a location that is nearby your living. As you would be familiar with the climate, the temperature, wildlife, season, etc. of the place, it would be best for you to give yourself a good start.

As the weather is something you cannot predict about, look for a proper time when the chances of any accidental change in the weather are less. As you hike the mountain, the wildlife is also another element that is uncertain. So, prepare yourself well before you finalize any place for hiking. Also, for the initial stage, if you are nearby your home, you would be a little safer than trying some far away and unknown places. Make sure you look for help in case you need any from the locals there which is a rare condition.

The difficulty level of the trail

Thinking to hike high mountains nearby? Well, if you are a beginner, this is surely a bad idea, to begin with. If you are a beginner, select a trail that is less height, well maintained, and comes up with less distance. When you get used to such simple and easy trails, begin with the moderate ones, which would be longer than the beginner’s trail. The trail would also be less ascent, then the previous ones, and tougher too.

Finally, when your body is ready for the toughest side, you can go to the hard trails which are quite high. They are also fledged with various ups and downs, steep hills, cloud touching heights, rocky areas, and much more that makes it difficult to climb. However, to increase your capacity for higher trails, you need to walk and exercise daily, as well as, visit several hiking trips too.

Hiking Gear

Gear is a continuous learning object in mountain hiking. The more you carry out the activity, the more you learn about it. The gear also keeps on changing as per the trail you select. The hiking boots and the rain jacket would remain in it, but the clothes and other ingredients may change as per the weather there. Getting a pair of full tracks would be good for winters, while if the sun is shining harshly, a pair of shorts would be the best. If you think there would be rain while you are in the mid of the trail, it is necessary to carry a rain jacket.

The gear includes a hat, sunglasses, lotions, sunscreens, etc., which vary according to the climate there. The gear kit would also be inclusive of energy eatables, a basic medical kit, water, food, etc. to keep you energized and hydrated throughout the trail. Henceforth, hiking gear would always remind you of taking something next time you plan which you have forgotten this time.

Are you going alone?

Yes, you can also go alone for mountain hiking, but only if you are aware of the trail, and have experienced it before. This means mountain hiking alone is definitely a big wrong for the beginners. Also, if you are aware of the crowd there and the trail too, it is important to inform your near ones about the place you are going to and the time you shall be back.

If possible, stay in touch with them as you hike the mountain. On the other hand, it is important to go with some people, as if an emergency arrives, there is someone to look help you. This would also be beneficial if you are hiking to an unknown mountain and have to search the trail among different routes.

Mountain hiking comes with a number of things to think about before you step ahead and plan your trail. It is important to think about the safety on the primary grounds while selecting the trail. For this, you can also take the aid of the internet and get detailed information about the destination you want to begin your hiking with.

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