How to prepare for a cycling holiday

Summer is here and do you want to take a break from your routine?

Would you like to try cycling holiday this time?

Of course, it’s exciting and great!

If cycling holiday is not there on your bucket list, it’s time to add them to your to-do-list. If you try them once, you will definitely try them over and over again. It’s so refreshing, thrilling and exciting!

When it comes to cycling experiences, you can choose cold deserts, zig-zag route, mountains, plains or even rough routes. It’s also one of the best ways to get close to nature, exercise and stay fit.

Are you ready for a trip?

Here are some quick tips that would help you in preparing for a perfect cycling holiday.

You need some training

Has it been years since you did some cycling? Cycle to your daily market and practice regularly before you go on a holiday. If you are trying after a long time, you may feel tired and become exhausted soon. You are likely to fall down and get injured. You must be ready to face the reality and try to do cycling as a part of your daily routine. Once you are confident and enjoy doing it, you can plan a cycling trip. Go to your workplace in your cycle and enjoy the difference. You’ll feel so relaxed and refreshed. Physical fitness is important before you start your trip.

Discuss with your group

Are you going for a holiday alone or with a friend? If you are going with your friends, you need to discuss the places, date, time and more. You need to give importance to everyone’s preferences and choose a destination that’s comfortable for everyone. As everyone has their own level of comfort and expertise, you need to consider a trail that’s suitable for everyone’s skillset. If you would like to go for training before the holidays, you can plan it with your group.

Setting a plan

If you are fit and trained, you can start planning the places you want to visit. There are many places in Himachal Pradesh for cycling trails. You may have to pass through steep slopes, high hills, rough terrain and roadless routes. If your team has a lot of beginners, you can think of an easy trail but if they are all experience, you could choose a cycling trail that’s suitable for their level of expertise. At the end of your planning, make sure you choose a path that’s suitable for everyone.

Get your cycle ready

If you are going on a cycling tour, you need to ensure the vehicle works perfectly fine. You need to spend some time for regular maintenance and get used to it. Your holiday would turn out bad if your cycle fails to function the way it’s supposed to function. Noisy pedals, punctured tyres, jammed brakes are the most common problems every cyclist faces. When you are traveling a long distance, you need to keep an eye on the brake system, tyre, and other parts and if you need to replace the brake cables, do it without any hesitation. Keep an emergency tool box with you for small repairs.

Carry the weather kits

Weather conditions are unpredictable. You cannot expect it to remain sunny throughout the day. Sudden rains, storms, etc. can ruin your holiday anytime. Also, as you move towards the heights areas, the temperature would fall getting you cold breezy winds. For such surprises, carry removable layers with you that includes leg warmers, arm warmers, gilets, packable jackets, base layer, and much more. Similarly, for hot climates, you might require sunglasses, hats, caps, etc. that would keep you comfortable in the hot and humid climate.

Is your saddle comfortable?

Are you facing any kind of discomfort with the saddle of your cycle? It is definitely good to have a struggling saddle that wouldn’t be comfortable at all as you cycle. Select a seat that would provide your bum with the utmost comfort that you can cycle for more than 500kms with ease. For this, test the saddle in advance by using the cycle daily or few days in a week. However, along with this, you also need to work on the Chamois cream and the shorts you would be wearing at the time of cycling as it too plays a sensible role.

Know what nutrients you are carrying

Nutrients work similar to fuel for you as you go on a cycling tour. With proper food items and adequate water, you can gather required energy to complete your route without any hurdles. For this, pack your bags with energy bars, recovery drinks, energy drinks, etc. that would supply required energy to your body while you cycle. It is also important to drink the proper amount of water to remain hydrated throughout the cycling path. Avoid getting heavy food items that would make you feel lazy. Carry light and nutritious snack items.

Have you checked your insurance policy?

Thinking what’s the use of insurance while going for cycling? It might sound boring to you, but one should check whether the insurance policy they are having covers your bike and other injuries related to cycling. Make sure you also have travel insurance that covers accommodation, traveling, medical charges etc. for a completely safe and secure cycling experience.

Gather required accessories

It is essential to carry out these accessories while moving for a cycling holiday. One should not miss out helmets, eyewear, gloves, padded shorts for cycling, windbreaker jacket, etc. All these would not only protect you from the various surprising hurdles of cycling but would also give you a comfortable ride. Each accessory has its own importance. When it comes to cycling shorts, be sure to buy one with lycra material as it absorbs sweat quickly and dries up.

Learn to fix flat tyres

As you are moving for cycling in a route which is far away from cities and another kind of residents, you should know how to work on tyres during emergencies. If accidentally the tyre of your cycle gets flat, you would be able to fix it and head towards your goal quickly. Also, make sure you carry required tools with you for fixing the tyre.

And that’s all. No matter whether you are looking for the first cycling experience, or are having expertise in the same, all these aspects are a must to concentrate on for a memorable holiday.

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