How to get enough sleep during a flight

Get enough sleep during your flight and kill your boredom

Reading the message that says ‘Flight Bookings are open’ can bring a lot of happiness and excitement. Choosing the right date and finalizing your seats are even more exciting and when you get the printed tickets in hand, you’ll be jumping in happiness.

So, you have a confirmed flight ticket, What’s next?

You have to pack your bags, weigh your bags to avoid overweight charges.

The preparation goes on for few days and finally, ‘the travel day’ arrives.

You might be scared of flying and the long hours of travel and the time zone can add more burden to it.

If you plan to visit new countries, you must be ready to travel long hours in flight. Sometime you may just have to travel 5hrs or 6hrs to reach your destinations and in most of the cases, you may have to be on the flight for more than 20hrs. Long trips equal to motion sickness and time zone equals jet lag for most of the travelers.

Here are some interesting ideas and best ways to sleep during a flight

These interesting ideas will help you kill boredom and take enough rest so that you can start admiring your dream destination as soon as the flight lands.

Win a window seat

Window seat = No disturbance

Manage to get a window seat if you want undisturbed sleep during a flight. You can rest your head on the window and sleep without being disturbed. You’ll not get this comfort if you take the adjacent seat.

Carry your sleeping tool

Carry something that will put you to sleep. If you have the habit of hugging a pillow, you can carry a pillow or something soft to hug on. You need to feel comfortable to sleep and carry a pair of socks, teddy or something that will help you sleep without any disturbance.

Lean back as much as possible

Lower stress on spine = higher comfort level

If you are not comfortable throughout the journey, you are tending to lose sleep and become tired soon. You need to lean your back as much as possible and do not give pressure to your spine. If the pressure on your spine is less, you tend to sleep sooner. If you do not rest your back while sleeping on the flight, you are risking your health. Please note that supporting your arms on the armrest will reduce the pressure given to your spine.

No lights are better

Low light = Better sleep

Few people can sleep in dim light and others can sleep only if it’s completely dark. Your sleep is distracted based on the external lights. No light is different from each other through their specifications, volts and usage are different. The screen light, backseat light, TV light on the flight can spoil your sleep and if you need proper rest, you need to switch off the light or use an eye mask to fell the darkness.

Avoid alcohol during a flight

It is important to avoid alcohol during flight as it can disturb your sleep. Alcohol might put you to sleep but it won’t last long. If you don’t sleep continuously during flights, you are risking your health and you will not have enough stamina to enjoy the new country. Taking alcohol causes a headache, dehydration and other illness which spoils your deep sleep.

Eat light

People ask you to eat 2hrs before you sleep and it’s not a joke. There are scientific reasons behind the fact as the digestive system takes more than 2hrs to digest the food items. When you are traveling you are already dehydrated and tired, eating unhealthy food can damage your digestive juices and it will cause sleeping difficulties. Do not eat a full meal but you can break your schedule and eat little at a time. Keep junk food and fat rich food away when traveling on the long-distance flight.

Your feet need to feel fresh

When you travel and walk around, your feet become tired before your body gets tired. You need to wear comfortable shoes while traveling and make sure you keep your shoes on while on a flight. This keeps your legs from swelling. Try to remove the shoes only when you plan to sleep so that your feet can get some fresh air.

Listen to mild music

The new experience, the joy, and the atmosphere might now allow you to sleep long. Listen to mild music that will put you to sleep. Music is the best remedy to gear up and gain energy. Whenever you feel low or tired, just put your headphones on and listen to your favorite music.

Adjust your watch according to new time zone

Be prepared while you travel. Adjust the time zone according to the destination and try getting used to it. Your mind has to get adjusted to the new time zone followed by your body. Don’t be embarrassed or surprised.

Know your sleep pattern

Take care of your health and make sure you take your medicines on time (if any) and try to sleep by trying best possible methods. Try reading a book, listing to music or listen to some lectures or talks. Try your best to sleep and stay in a darkness that will help you sleep easily. Meditation and relaxation also help you to sleep so make sure you try all possible ways to sleep.

Can’t sleep? Keep your eyes shut

It is a common phenomenon that even if you are not falling asleep, you can keep your eyes closed. When you keep your eyes closed for a while, you will automatically fall asleep.

Everyone has a unique pattern of sleep, you need to work and find out the best way to sleep while on the flight. A sound sleep will help your body relax and it will keep your fresh when you reach your destination. Your long travel can be enjoyable only if you sleep during a flight.

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