Camping tips that are useful for last minute plans

Oh! Did you friend come up with a camping plan? Would you like to explore the adventure?

Is it possible to accept the offer and get ready for camping?

Of course, it is!

However, when the trip is pre-planned, you have good time to gather, organize, arrange and pack everything that you need for your trip. But, when it’s last minute, you might forget some important items or you may not have time to buy few things and you’ll be left with no option than to manage it with the things you have.

This is a guide to plan and prepare for your last minute camping trip!

Are you confused with what to pack and what not to pack?

This is a common confusion!

It’s not just you, everyone who goes camping has to face the same trouble!

Firstly, know the weather and do a little bit of research about the place

You need to do a little bit of research about the place you are visiting. Find out the weather condition, what’s available and what’s not available in the place will help you pack your bags at ease. The most common mistake in packing is by packing for wrong weather condition. You need to know if its summer, winter, monsoon or snow. You have to be ready to manage unexpected rain, snow and wind.

You are visiting a place where the climate remains partly cloudy, or there are chances of rain, you need to pack accordingly which includes layered clothing, water-proof jacket, water-proof tent, etc. Similarly, if you are visiting a place where sudden snowfall is possible, you need to carry winter wear that would keep you warm there. Hence, as you begin to pack your bags, know the weather conditions there.

Similarly, if you are looking for a camping trip during summers, make sure you carry proper clothes that would allow air to pass through. If possible, make sure you avoid proper cotton clothes for summers at camping. For summers, you can go with merino wools that would help in keeping the moisture out and keep you dry as well.

Have a look at the gear

No matter whether you are planning for a day or week, on instant grounds or pre-planned trip, the gear requirements would never change. Make sure you carry each and every handy item that you would require while moving towards the car in the duffel bag like sleeping bags, axe, flashlight, batteries, knife, rope, cord, paper towels, sunscreen, toilet paper, cooking kits, hat, cooking stove, fuel, matches, first aid kit, waterproof jacket, etc. Pack your bags keeping important things handy so that you don’t need to search for emergencies. When your gear is ready, before you load it into the car, check all the things properly to make sure that they are working well. Keep some extra batteries with you as if you misplace one, there would be other options too.

Note: If you go on camping every now and then, it is advisable to keep a camping gear with all equipment ready all time.

Do not starve in your camps – Carry enough food and water

There are also instant cooking items and dishes that you can carry along. Easy to cook, ready to prepare items are the best things to carry while you are camping. You can carry out food like oatmeal, precooked food items, dehydrated food items that can be stored outdoors, trail mix, jerky, hot chocolate mix, jelly mix, dehydrated fruits, energy bars, required utensil, etc.

Of course, don’t forget to carry gallons of water too. If you are camping by the side of a lake or on the banks of river, you need not worry about water but what if your camp is on a desert? You need to quench your thirst while you are away from home so carry enough water. Also, make sure you carry a water purifying kit with you to keep your water clean and hygienic so that you can maintain your health up there. Make sure you drink adequate water to keep yourself hydrated throughout your trip. You would also need extra water to wash dishes, clean hands, rinse clothes, clean teeth, etc.

Carry some extra disposable bags with you

As you are traveling to enjoy the beauty of nature, you must be sure that you maintain it. For this, you need to keep the place you are traveling clean and avoid throwing left-over food item, here and there in the surroundings. For this, carry some extra disposable bags that would help in disposing of the food scraps, half-eaten sausages, etc. This would protect the animals from getting sick by swallowing the remaining which can be dangerous for them. The disposable bags would help you keep the area clean as you will be able to throw the scarp and rubbish in the nearby dustbin or carry it out till you find an appropriate place to throw it. This would help in keeping the environment clean and hygienic also.

Look after the medical emergencies

Are you allergic to any food, climate, drinks, etc.? If yes, make sure you carry all that is required to manage it. If you are taking regular medicines for the allergies, carry sufficient amount of it with you. In case it is not to be taken on regular basis, pay a visit to your doctor and get proper medications for it from him. Carry out regular medications that you might require throughout the camping. Get a proper solution for normal health issues like a headache, diarrhea, minor fever, etc. Get a pair of glasses with you. Carry out the contact number of your doctor to call for emergency situations, etc. Just as carrying other minor ingredients or things is important, similarly, medications are also a must to have a kit with you.

Think about the unpleasant pests there

Yes, camping is carried out in an open place, near the rivers, hills, mountains, or even forests, which brings different types of pests around your camps. Some of the common ones include mosquitoes, bugs, cockroaches, and what not. For such situations, you can select clothes accordingly, like going with full sleeves tops that would protect you from mosquitoes, etc. Some people also carry anti-pest sprays which are used for pests like bugs to keep them away from the camps. A mostly opted product for the bugs is Citronella which helps in protection against bugs.

Camping is an adventure that surely requires proper preparations for a successful trip. So, even if it is an instant plan, it is important to work on the basic requirements that would matter you while you are in a camp. Hence, the next time you are in such hurry in packing for camping, make a list of the important and basic stuff which would help you in a successful and comfortable trip.

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